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What is a Bulk Email?

A bulk email is a single email sent to numerous recipients, which can be from hundreds, to thousands, to millions, and so on. Bulk emails can contain countless forms of content such as party invitations, newsletters, group messages, forwarded messages, announcements, mass emailing software reviews, marketing tools and tips, classified ads, and other kinds of emails. Most prominently, bulk emailing is used as a tool for email marketing campaigns which are now widely used by individuals or email marketing companies to promote their services or products.

The term bulk email is synonymous to the term mass email. It is also traditionally referred to as an email blast, figuratively referring to an explosion of emails. However, it is commonly confused with the term spam email. A spam email is any email delivered, usually for commercial purposes, without permission from the recipient. In other words, the recipients did not subscribe to the sender, or basically did not want the email at all.

So if an individual sends an email to family, friends, and acquaintances, the email cannot be considered as spam. But if that email was sent to a number of strangers who most probably did not asked to be sent that email, it can definitely be called a spam email.

On the other hand, with a good email marketing program an email can also be called an opt-in email. Unlike spam emails, opt-in emails are bulk emails sent to recipients who have specifically subscribed to the sender. This can happen when people obtain information about certain products or services they become interested in. They go to the marketer's website and willingly give away their email addresses through sign-up forms so that the marketer can send them emails about the products or services from time to time. In this case permission was given to senders to send the emails. A lot people do this in the course of the process and soon there will be a list of recipients to which bulk emails are to be sent; whereas spam emails are simply sent to many non-specific recipients. Opt-in email recipients want to receive the emails being sent to them, while spam email recipients do not. That is the most distinct difference.

In the industry of bulk email marketing, opt-in email marketing strategies are shown to be more productive compared to email marketing that send over spam emails. With opt-in emails, online marketers send emails to targeted recipients under the email marketing list. These recipients are willing to receive the emails, interested with the advertised products or services, and will most probably respond, compared to recipients of spam emails who will most likely just ignore or erase them. Bulk email spams can ruin reputations, waste time, money, and effort, and may just be sent to unresponsive recipients. Opt-in emails saves time, improves marketer's reputation, and can significantly strengthen bargaining power and sales. As permission and respect of privacy is granted with opt-emails, it can be considered as the best practice for bulk email marketers.
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How to Send Bulk eMails

There are numerous bulk email services which can help users in conducting their email marketing campaigns. However, several factors must be considered and users must first be able to understand what they need to accomplish.

--> Take things Into considerations
Many things must be considered when you plan to conduct bulk email campaigns. Taking these into consideration will enable you to save time and effort by looking at what you need and what you want to accomplish. Determine first if how many emails do you need to send and how many people do you need to send them to. The number of emails to send will help you weigh out the weight of the task and if you require additional help. Furthermore, you also need to determine if the emails are personalized in some way, whether they contain a video, audio, graphics or make use of HTML coding. Including these additional elements improves the invitation of the clients into your objective, but in turn, they might require further work than just a plain text email.

--> Know your Bulk Email Method
Your bulk email can be sent from your own personal email, or a business email account. Sending bulk emails can also be done through the use of mass email software. Your method to send bulk emails can generally be determined by the amount of emails and the number of prospective receivers. If you plan to send a single bulk email to around 100 people, your personal email account, which can just be the default email program of your computer, or business email account is enough. You have the option of sorting recipients into groups so that sending bulk emails can become efficiently organized.

For typical companies marketing products and services to thousands of people, they may prefer to use bulk email softwares. Bulk email softwares can come in free or purchased standalone software email marketing, or in web-based email marketing services. Many bulk email software provides unique features and tools that users can take advantage of and also must consider when deciding to use. These softwares help manage recipient databases, make email marketing templates, allow periodical bulk email sending, allow segmented emails to different groups, provide tracking delivery reports, click rates, and amount of visits by the recipients.

Large companies often prefer an email service provider (ESP) because it allows for great levels of customization. ESPs also possess the functions and features of bulk email softwares, but in addition, they can provide services that design the appearance and feel of bulk emails. ESP's usually have terms and conditions that prevent the abuse by users, and to ensure that the service is not used to send spam emails. Some ESPs function with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) so that users will be obligated to comply with the legislations and best practices.

--> Consider what your Bulk Email needs and what Email Service Providers are available to you
When you have learned of your bulk emailing method options, it's time to assess the number of emails and how many recipients will be emailed. Depending on these numbers, determine the best email marketing method to use, whether using your personal email account, your business email account, taking advantage of email campaign software, or an email service provider. Thinking things through and coming up with the right decisions can lead to an effective email marketing campaign.
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What is Bulk Email Marketing?

With the revolution of the use of technology in the society, people make use of advance ways to send out what they want to say. People used to send messages through postal mails in the past, whereas today, they make use of the internet to send out emails containing what they want to convey. This also applies to the marketing industry where door-to-door and postal mail marketing has innovated into bulk email marketing to reach out farther prospective clients.

Bulk email marketing is a form of direct marketing where many individuals, agencies or companies now use as a strategy to advertise and promote their services or products to countless other people by sending information through bulk email. Any person or group, small or big businesses, can actually make use of this marketing strategy to inform people about news, updates, software, promos, vacation spots, real-estate offers, and much more.

Email marketing is advantageous for many advertisers. Over half of the people using the internet check or send emails daily. Advertisers are able to reach this large number of people, of which can become email subscribers who agree to receive bulk emails containing information on products and services they are interested in. Aside from that, the exact return on investment may be tracked and can be high when the process is performed properly. Email marketing is also popularly considered the second best online marketing strategy, whereas the first would be the search marketing tactic.

Meanwhile, email marketing has its few disadvantages. Because a lot of email service companies help their clients by filtering out spam mails, many bulk emails never arrive to their targeted recipients. As such, a lot of companies tend to consider the use of a mass email marketing program or software to bypass this problem.

Some marketers make use of other additional software that can help their email marketing businesses become more effective. Such software may include email encryption software which provides security and prevents information sent and received from becoming compromised, email client software which generally provides management assistance for the user's mailbox, and email archiving software which helps archive and later retrieve archived emails.
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How to Conduct Bulk Email Marketing

Aside from the mass email marketing software and email service providers, online marketers also have to think carefully about the entire email marketing process. If their approach is not appealing enough, clients will have a hard time getting interested. Here are well-rounded steps in the email marketing process.

--> Provide Sign-Up Forms
Sign-up forms allow clients to give you permission to send them emails. It is also an indication that they are interested with your products or services and that they would want to receive updates or more information. This falls to opt-in email marketing which have shown to be more effective compared to unwanted emails which will probably be seen as spam.

--> Give attention to Subject Lines and From Names
The subject line and name of the sender that people first see when they read email can determine whether it will be opened or erased. Be sure that they are kept simple and short. If possible, include the recipient's name and address only specific needs and interests. Avoid filtered spam triggers like "guaranteed", "important", "all new" or "get paid" and never type in all caps. If you get a lot of spam complaints, you might get blacklisted and will be unable to send emails from the computer you're using.

--> Build and manage your mailing list
You may encounter clients with different interest. In such case, it is important to build lists that belong to categories. Try to build a list of current clients and prospective clients, and possibly more so that you avoid sending bulk emails to irrelevant recipients, such as sending product introduction mails to your old subscribers who already know of your products.

--> Incorporate only relevant content in your bulk emails
Your emails should contain information that matters to the recipient. Say what they get out of your products early. Your emails should also be brief and concise, and must be directive, meaning you get them to do something, move, or take action. You may include significant components like surveys and polls which they can use to provide you with feedback. Then use them in turn to improve your future bulk emails. Your content can also result into a spam complaint if it contains worthless information.

--> Make your email appealing
One good way of attracting clients is through attractive emails. You make place graphics or videos into your bulk so you email can better entice the client's senses. You can also make use of html coding, but ensure that your email is still simple, pleasant, and easy to read over.

--> Offer your recipients options
Always provide options for your recipients. Include selections to allow change of address or unsubscribe from receiving email.

--> Time your bulk emails right
Avoid sending too many emails at one time. You should also check your unsubscribe rate after each emailing. If you find it high, adjust your frequency of sending emails or survey your clients to find an acceptable level.

When you have thought of these carefully, you may as well start sending those emails and see how your bulk email marketing campaign goes. Try to be flexible with the changes happening to your bulk marketing campaign, try other approaches towards your customers, applying b2b (business-to-business) marketing or b2c (business-to-customer) marketing tactics according to your needs.
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Mass (Bulk) Email Software

Mass email marketing softwares are programs that are specifically used to send out bulk emails. They are often used for valid mailings such as sending information to many email subscribers. Oftentimes, bulk email marketing software is used by online marketers who use the email marketing strategy to reach out to clients and prospective audiences. Usually, people prefer bulk email software when they send out a reasonable amount of emails at various scheduled times.

bulk emailing software sends email via direct send and via SMTP server. That is why it is almost impossible for the software to send spam emails because spam campaigns usually send out to a very large number of email addresses, which in that case you will need a bulk email server.
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How to Choose Your Bulk Email Software

There exist many bulk email programs available in the internet, some are free to use, some require purchasing, and some are standalone software. There are also web-based bulk email services which are accessible via websites. Choosing a the right bulk email software for your email marketing needs can be a tiresome task, especially when you're weighing one software's features against another. But when selecting from a list, you only need to take note of several key features that are simply necessary when conducting bulk email marketing.

--> Is the software simple to use?
For an average user, the bulk email software should be easy to understand and work with. Effective email software shouldn't require advance technical knowledge for the user to get started.

--> Is it automated?
Good bulk email campaign managers are capable of sending messages automatically. Your only task in this feature is to set what messages are to be sent at a specified schedule. The program will automatically send the messages even when you are not operating it manually.

--> Is it able to track results?
Tracking your emails and getting reports about your email responses is important so that you'll know when your email campaign is effective and working. Reading immediate records will allow you to make marketing decisions in an instant.

--> Is it able to target your audience?
You have to ensure that the email software is able to deliver your bulk emails safely and securely to your clients. The software must be equipped with spam-check to avoid your emails being blacklisted as spam messages.

--> Is support available?
You have to ensure that you are well assisted by the company staff of the software. If you have questions regarding the software, you should be able to contact the staff for support and perhaps provide you with email marketing solutions.

These initial questions are just the first few ones that you need to answer when choosing the right bulk email software. When you have narrowed it down, it comes down to your personal preferences, considering software appearance, additional features, and the overall feel. You can also refer at email marketing software reviews to get additional user critics. Lastly, when purchasing software, it is advantageous if it comes with a trial period. By it you are able to scrutinize the features and be able to determine if it answers all your email marketing needs. You don't necessarily have to go through all the trouble of finding the best email marketing software, as long as it is able to provide you with the services that you need.
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We are offering you the most powerful and easy to use bulk email marketing software on the whole market today. Our program is the ONLY product available online that can build and create a mailing list out from scratch as well as sending personalized email messages to each VALID email address at the same time.. automate your bulk email marketing needs, and get it done on the fly!

Our bulk email marketing program is totally safe to use because it does NOT use or go through your local ISPs email server. Instead, it turns your PC into your own private email server! It simulates the sending of the email messages to the server you choose, the same one you are verifying email addresses on. Like: - - - - - - etc...

For example, if you select hot as your email server to verify and start sending bulk emails to, the program will start query hotmail with a potential address as though it has a valid email address to deliver. the program gets verification from hotmail if the address is valid or not valid. and then will add all valid email addresses to a list, and actually deliver a message to the same address or abort the delivery, depending on the settings you choose. Since you are NOT abusing your local ISPs email server they have NO problem with you, and you have NO problem from them.

When it comes to email advertising services and bulk email marketing solutions you can completely forget about other online paid bulk email marketing services out there and depend on our software IEmailer - Bulk Email Software to become your main tool to market your online business effectively.

There is NO cheaper or more powerful way or services to start marketing your web site or products online quickly more than bulk email marketing And we are offering you the best product on the market to get you started quickly using our bulk email marketing program Even the MOST inexperienced emailer can set up our program in just a few minutes, and once set up it can send many thousands of emails while you sleep!! The program does all the work for you, leaving you with plenty of time to count the profits from your bulk email marketing campaigns!
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IEmailer Email Marketing Software Features

You will get a LOT of features while using our Bulk Email Marketing Software:

  • 1- Easy to use!
  • Once you select an email host from the drop down menu, or just type a new one in, such as or any other email server. Choose your email and connection settings or use the Settings Wizard to easily set it up, then Click on the Start Campaign button and the program does the rest.

  • 2- Fast and Powerful!
  • Our Bulk Email Marketing Solution Supports multiple connections to the mail server you are working on, up to 1024 connections, which making it very fast and powerful.

  • 3- Sends while searching (on the fly)
  • You can set the program settings to send an email to each address it validates, while it is searching (on the Fly). This feature completes the process of sending bulk emails in one easy step so that can be done while you sleeping!

  • 4- User Friendly!
  • Our program is totally friendly and Allows you to save the progress of your bulk email marketing campaign status and search progress, which letting you to start again from where you left off at your convenience.

  • 5- Safe!
  • The program verifies addresses from the mail servers being queried and does not go through your ISP's mail server. so there is NO any problems for you at all.

  • 6- Intelligent!
  • By using our program If the email server interrupts the email connection, the program will reconnect to the mail server automatically and continue searching and sending from the same point.

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IEmailer - Bulk Email Marketing Software has a very friendly and easy to use graphical user interface, here you will find all required steps to Create, Test and Start a brand new bulk email marketing campaign. starting by gathering a valid list of email addresses and building up your list then will keep on sending an email message automatically (on the fly) to each valid email address. you can do the same for your site only by using our easy to use email marketing solution.

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